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This is what one veteran player told me, and it makes sense.

The league is scared of Kaepernick because Kaepernick represents the potential for a dramatic shift in the league’s power dynamic.

The NFL sees Kaepernick as someone who could rally the players to stand up to the league, to owners.

As it is, players don’t really do this. They don’t push for guaranteed contracts or more long-term security. The owners get whatever they want.

Per Tom Rock of Newsday, ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay said Wednesday that Barkley getting selected by the New York Giants at No. 2 feels inevitable.

But even if Cleveland passes on him with the top pick, it is still possible for the Browns to land Barkley, as they also own the No. 4 overall selection.

The Giants arguably have a bigger need for Barkley, since Cleveland did sign running back Carlos Hyde away from the San Francisco 49ers in free agency.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller ranked Barkley as the No. 1 overall prospect in the draft as part of his latest big board. Miller also projected in his latest mock draft that Barkley will slide to the Browns at No. 4 overall.

In Moore’s decade coaching, Lakewood has become a cocky team full of what he calls coachable buttholes. Griffin epitomized that bite. That edge.

He sees next week as a gut-check moment for the NFL.

Shaquem is bringing awareness to how we evaluate players, Moore says. Do we evaluate players by how they look? Their color, their height, their size? Or productivity? If it’s the first, that’s professional wrestling. That’s entertainment. If it’s legitimately wins and losses and production, then it’s a no-brainer.

Griffin’s plan to dominate is an ingrained belief system, he adds, and Griffin is not going to be intimidated.

You better draft him, Moore says. Because if you don’t draft him, you have to play against him.

One team has shown a ton of love and makes perfect sense to Griffin: the Seahawks.

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