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Cardinals have intriguing competition for No. 2 WR spot

Larry Fitzgerald will remain the Cardinals’ top receiver this season despite his age. The question is: Who is the team’s No. 2 wideout?

Thirteen times in his NBA career, LeBron James has reached the postseason, and when the story of his career is told, it’ll likely begin with the many memorable moments he has created during those 13 trips: eight NBA Finals appearances (including seven consecutive), three championships, three Finals MVP awards, a triple-double average in the Finals… the list goes on and on.

But there are other moments — some you might not know about, and some you might have forgotten — that help shape LeBron’s story, stretching all the way back to the days after he was drafted, right through fashioning the greatest Finals comeback in NBA history. If you’re not familiar with these 13 moments, then you’re not getting the true full story of the career of LeBron James.

LeBron James made his NBA debut during summer league action in Boston and Orlando in 2003.

Patricia called joint practices situations that are advantageous to help you evaluate your team in April and the Lions were in favor of them before his arrival as they’ve worked with the Steelers and Colts the last two years.

The Stars coveted the 26-year-old with a strong defensive game, but with then-new coach Ken Hitchcock preferring Jason Spezza, Tyler Seguin and Radek Faksa as his top three centers, Eakin became expendable. McPhee liked Eakin since he drafted him with the Capitals. Eakins’ responsible defensive play was no surprise. He could have contributed more offensively, but you have to consider his bottom-six role and the players he was lined up with in that regard.

Edmonton didn’t have room (or patience) for Reinhart, who has played only 37 NHL games since being drafted fourth overall in 2012. It’s understandable that the Oilers gave him up, but he was totally worth a flier for the Golden Knights. Reinhart got lost in the defensive logjam and spent the season in the AHL (where he appeared to be solid but not spectacular). This could still work out for Vegas if Reinhart makes the club next season, but with so many young defensemen ahead of him, it’s hard to imagine Reinhart getting a regular spot.

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Richie Incognito told police he’s involved with the NSA, being tracked by government

Disturbing new details have emerged about free agent Richie Incognito, who was placed in a psychiatric treatment facility after he threw things at patrons and employees of a gym on Wednesday.

Police in Boca Raton, Florida, say they responded to a 911 call at the gym to find Incognito claiming he was involved with National Security Agency, and saying that the government is tracking him.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to get over 100, Randall said after practice. I didn’t think people were going to actually view that as a serious tweet from me. But obviously it got the whole world excited about it, and I mean now I’m actually excited about it. It is a great, great opportunity to interact with the fans and we’re just going to watch the series and just see how everything folds out.

Randall, who came to the Browns in a March trade from Green Bay, said he couldn’t track the number of re-tweets because his phone locked up when he tried to access his Twitter account.

I definitely didn’t think it would go as viral as it did, the 25-year-old said. I definitely didn’t think the Cleveland fan base would go this crazy about it. Obviously, it was a joke, but just to know how passionate this fan base is, I mean, it’s just really encouraging.

It’s good for player safety. When the NFL moved the touchback to the 25-yard line, the goal was to reduce kickoff returns. But that rule hasn’t made much of a difference because some teams now kick high and short in an effort to avoid touchbacks. The Ravens’ proposal would certainly reduce the number of kickoff returns: Teams would have a strong incentive for their kicker to kick it as deep as possible to try to get that bonus point, and when those kickoffs fell short of the goal posts, the returners would usually stay in the end zone because they’d be backed up near the end line.

It’s exciting for late-game strategy. Under current rules, we’ve grown accustomed to a seven-point lead meaning a touchdown and extra point can tie, an eight-point lead meaning a touchdown and two-point conversion can tie, and a nine-point lead meaning a two-possession game. This would change things. Now you could trail by seven and take the lead with a touchdown, extra point and kickoff point. Or trail by eight and take the lead with a touchdown, two-point conversion and kickoff point. And a nine-point game would be particularly exciting: You score a touchdown late in the game down by nine. Do you go for two and try to tie the game with a kickoff point? Or do you kick the extra point and try to win the game with an onside kick followed by a field goal?

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Bills sign third-rounder Harrison Phillips

The Bills are almost done signing their 2018 draft picks.

The team announced that they have agreed to a four-year contract with third-round pick Harrison Phillips on Wednesday. Getting the defensive tackle under contract leaves them with seven of eight picks signed and only first-round quarterback Josh Allen to go before every deal is done.

Not only was she treated to a hurl of boos and projectiles during the performance, then-President George H.W. Bush, on Air Force One, condemned her performance as disgraceful.

Twenty-eight years later, I still did not personally care for her, but I had to give her props for a singular stroke of brilliance. In the newest incarnation of her show Roseanne, she presented an honest — though not entirely sympathetic — American middle-class family that struggles not just economically but also with differing political views. It was spot-on.

Simply put, it did something no other television program has done in the modern era. Her two-episode premiere earned an astonishing 18.2 million viewers, overperforming in the media markets located in middle of America, with Tulsa, Okla., Cincinnati and Pittsburgh leading the numbers.

Cities like New York and Los Angeles, which almost always drive the No. 1 slot, didn’t even crack the top 20.

Do I get a trophy? Randall quipped, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Randall admits he underestimated Cleveland fans, expecting no more than 100 retweets.

I mean, I definitely didn’t think it would go as viral as it did, said Randall, whom the Browns acquired in March via a trade with the Packers. I mean, I definitely didn’t think the Cleveland fan base would go this crazy about it. Obviously, it was a joke, but just to know how passionate this fan base is, I mean, it’s just really encouraging.

Randall obviously has not endeared himself to his new fan base.

His teammates have given him a hard time, and Browns coach Hue Jackson addressed Randall’s social-media gaffe in a team meeting.

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Steelers hopeful they can get Bell deal before March 6

Like most General Managers at the Scouting Combine, Pittsburgh’s Kevin Colbert is doing his most important work with guys already in the league rather than the prospects.

Colbert has met with the representatives for free agent-to-be running back Le’Veon Bell while in Indianapolis, and seemed optimistic about what he heard.

Gettleman, it should be noted, as the Panthers general manager a year ago took multi-faceted running back Christian McCaffrey with the No. 8 pick.

Asked if he views Barkley as a skilled receiving threat, Shurmur said, Oh yeah.

Looking for flaws in the 233-pound Barkley is akin to lamenting San Diego’s weather as too predictable. Sure, Barkley’s rushing total in 2017 (1,271 yards) dipped slightly from 2016 (1,496 yards) and at times he seems more interested in his moves and jukes rather than north-south running. Consider this nitpicking to make sure you put something in the weaknesses column.

Dimitroff has kept contact with Ryan throughout the process, although the actual negotiating has been between Dimitroff and agent Tom Condon.

With agents, we’re very mindful: We don’t want to muddy the waters, Dimitroff said. Ultimately … [Ryan’s] a team guy. There’s no illegalities about talking to Matt Ryan — myself or Dan Quinn. Of course we’ve had a talk here or there about the future. But as far as getting involved and trying to push wedges into a negotiation, no, because we have a good working relationship with Tom Condon and CAA. So I’m not concerned about that.

The broader question the time element whether it will be objective or subjective, and whether if it’s subjective it will be subject to replay review.

It’s a critical aspect of the catch rule, and it’s been as problematic for the league in recent years as the survive the ground component.

The NFL free agency period starts Monday: Here are five players the Giants could make pursue:

Patrick Robinson, CB, Eagles

The definition of a well-traveled player (four teams in four years) could be on the move again, coming off a career-year (four interceptions) in Philadelphia as a slot corner. He is 30 years old and could replace Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, if the Giants opt to part ways for more salary cap space. Shurmur saw him cut across the field on a 50-yard interception return for a touchdown against his Vikings in the NFC championship.

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The Giants’ free-agency work likely begins with him

On Dec. 29, the day he was introduced as the new general manager of the Giants, Dave Gettleman made one thing perfectly clear:

We’ve got to fix the O-line, let’s be honest, he stated. Let’s not kid each other.

Their priority is obvious: Offensive line help. This cannot be achieved solely in the draft. The Giants want to add three new starters to their five-man line and can reasonably expect to find only one of them early in the draft.

The injury no doubt cost Robinson a more significant payday as he was one of the top receivers in the league in 2015 and 2016, pulling in a combined 153 catches and 20 touchdowns to go along with 2,283 yards. The Bears were desperate for a top-end receiver with the worst depth chart in the league at that position.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, now are one of the more potentially explosive offenses in the league with Watkins, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce at the disposal of second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The former Texas Tech signal caller is taking over the reins from Alex Smith, who was traded to the Redskins this offseason.

Last week, reports surfaced Rodgers-Cromartie was undergoing a position switch, from cornerback to safety, but that proved to be inaccurate the Giants’ coaching staff was taken aback by that news.

Five months later, all three are gone.

Defensive tackle Damon Harrison took to Twitter to decry the news of Rodgers-Cromartie release: The realest in the building in East Rutherford. Wow. There isn’t a lot of [people] across the league like him. A baller and a real one. Receiver Roger Lewis on Twitter called Rodgers-Cromartie One of the realist people ever met in life, helped my game grow with him giving the knowledge he knows.

The Giants are now in need of help at cornerback, with Janoris Jenkins and Apple their two starters if Apple shows enough maturity to handle the job. They could re-sign Ross Cockrell, one of their 19 unrestricted free agents, as Cockrell played reasonably well when forced onto the field last season.

There are things out there, things being said, that I strongly believe against, one of which, I think, is important that you know, Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. Our owner gives [General Manager] Brett Veach and I every opportunity to do what we want to do with the roster and any other situation. He does not interfere with that. Obviously, we keep him abreast, but there is not pressure coming from our owner. That’s not how he operates at all. And so those things that are being said out there, as I know most of you have heard, are way, way, way out of line.

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Trump attacks ESPN’s Jemele Hill, calls for end to NFL tax breaks

President Trump on Tuesday escalated his tirades against the NFL in an ongoing controversy over players who kneel to protest racial injustice, questioning tax breaks for professional football and attacking an ESPN commentator who has been critical of him and the league.

Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!, Trump wrote in an early morning tweet.

Dana W. White, chief DoD spokesperson, said in a statement, Despite the government shutdown, DoD determined the operational necessity of television and radio broadcasts constitutes them as essential activities. We will continue to find solutions to support our troops at home and abroad. Congress must come to a resolution, support our troops and pass a budget soon.

For the first time since 1977, the league’s regular season slate will not end with a prime-time game. Per a Christmas Eve announcement from the league office, there will be no Sunday night game in Week 17, a decision made to ensure that all games with postseason implications that could have an effect on one another are played at the same times.

Said NFL senior vice president of broadcasting Howard Katz in the announcement: We felt that both from a competitive standpoint and from a fan perspective, the most fair thing to do is to schedule all Week 17 games in either the 1 p.m. or 4:25 p.m. ET windows. This ensures that we do not have a matchup on ‘Sunday Night Football’ on New Year’s Eve that because of earlier results has no playoff implications for one or both of the competing teams.

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Vikings to consider McCoy, McAdoo to replace Shurmur

The Minnesota Vikings must replace offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur whenever their season ends.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported two names they’ll consider are ex-Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and ex-Giants coach Ben McAdoo.

Neither former head coach is a particularly inspiring or outside-the-box candidate for Minnesota. Of course, most said the same thing when Shurmur joined the Vikings two seasons ago.

The biggest factor in all of this is Bryant’s contract. It’s a five-year, $70 million deal signed in 2015, fresh off a season that saw Bryant catch 88 passes for 1,320 yards and a career-high 16 touchdowns. It’s since taken him three seasons to match that scoring output, all while his salary-cap number has risen steadily with each year.

That number drops in 2018, from $17 million to $16.5 million, but his dead cap number — a salary-cap penalty incurred by releasing Bryant before the expiration of his contract — remains an exorbitant $8 million before June 1, according to After that date, it drops to $4 million, creating a cap savings of $12.5 million.

Another source with direct knowledge of the injury said Thielen is not at risk of further damage. Though not explicitly stated, the injury was described like a transverse process fracture, previously suffered by Tony Romo and Derek Carr. Both missed just one week. Thielen does not have that luxury after being struck in the back by Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in the third quarter last week. He returned to make a huge catch over Lattimore late in the fourth quarter.

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Injuries: Antonio Brown (leg) ruled out for Week 16

The question remains when the Pittsburgh Steelers will have All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown back on the field. We just know it won’t be this weekend.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said Brown has a significant contusion to his lower leg that will sideline him for the Steelers’ Christmas Day tilt against the Houston Texans.

3. The Green Bay Packers announced that they have placed quarterback Aaron Rodgers back on injured reserve. Mike McCarthy said Davante Adams is in the concussion protocol. McCarthy said he had a chance to visit with Adams and said he looks good, sounds good.

4. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reports that Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith is dealing with a sprained knee.

5. The Los Angeles Chargers announced that they have placed tight end Hunter Henry on injured reserve. He suffered a small laceration on his kidney during the team’s loss to the Chiefs.

6. Saints linebacker A.J. Klein underwent surgery recently on a core muscle, Rapoport reported. He will rehab for six weeks and be fine for the offseason, Rapoport added.

The NFL is putting together an educational training video, Troy Vincent, the league’s executive vice president of football operations, announced Tuesday in a tweet. It’s the culmination of a season in which the flagging of celebrations reached Hingle McCringleberry-ian heights. When it came to touchdowns, the league ruled, thou shalt not pump thy hips in celebration.

Antonio Brown, who twerked in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season opener and a couple weeks later celebrated with two thrusts of his hips, reduced the whole thing to a real-life clip from the Key and Peele sketch featuring the aforementioned McCringleberry as the league cracked down on what Keegan Michael Key called life, liberty and the pursuit of pumpitude.

Well, I got to be smart in regards to that, Brown told The Doug Gottlieb Show with a laugh after the Week 1 celebration. I never want to put my team in a bad predicament. Maybe I’ll keep it to a minimum of two pumps instead of three.

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Path to Super Bowl LII: The Panthers have to solve the Saints in order to start their road back to the Super Bowl.

They went 0-2 against New Orleans this season. But if they beat them this time, they will travel to either Philadelphia or Minnesota in the divisional round. (To Philadelphia if the Rams beat the Falcons, to Minnesota if the Falcons beat the Rams.) Win that, and the Panthers would land in an NFC Championship Game against either the Eagles, Vikings, Rams or Falcons. The only way that game would be at home is if it were against the Falcons.

Reason for hope: The Panthers know the way to the Super Bowl as well as anyone in this field, having reached the big game two years ago. There has been a lot of turnover since then, but quarterback Cam Newton, tight end Greg Olsen and linebackers Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly are the team leaders and all were part of that run. That 2015 Carolina team was a front-runner that went 15-1 and didn’t confront much adversity until the Super Bowl, when it crumbled. This Carolina team has overcome a lot and shown a seasoned contender’s ability to thrive under difficult circumstances.

Reason for concern: The passing game. The Panthers entered Sunday’s regular-season finale ranked 27th in the league with 194.4 passing yards per game and 21st at 6.24 yards per pass attempt. They win with their run game and their fearsome front seven, and Newton’s ability to make plays with his legs when things break down is a big part of what they do. When they do throw it, it’s often short to dynamic running back Christian McCaffrey. But with Kelvin Benjamin shipped off to Buffalo, Curtis Samuel injured and Devin Funchess playing hurt, there aren’t many downfield weapons for Newton in a league that tends to require one or two of those in big games.

What America saw last weekend from the Atlanta Falcons was similar to what the team showed for 2? quarters of last year’s Super Bowl.

Can they keep it up as they head on the road again Saturday to Philadelphia?

The Falcons have that balanced offense — if Matt Ryan is efficient — to challenge any opponents. Where they made their mark against the Rams was on defense.

We don’t have a (complicated) defense, but we are very detailed, says defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel, a former NFL player who got the job last February. And the detail of expectations of understanding that they have to make our defense come to life, and they’re doing an awesome job at it.

Philadelphia’s defense has been up and down recently, and it has dealt with a bunch of injuries. Depth has been a plus for Jim Schwartz’s unit.

The edge here belongs to Atlanta at quarterback — if Ryan is efficient — with backup Nick Foles running the offense for the Eagles. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Foles fly. Or struggle.

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It’s noteworthy because of how consistently both are in the championship picture.

Campbell recorded a career-high 14.5 sacks — which helped the Jaguars finish with 55, just one shy of Pittsburgh’s NFL-high 56 — and was the biggest key to the defense finishing No. 1 in pass defense and second in yards per game, takeaways and points allowed per game. Campbell played inside for his entire eight seasons in Arizona before moving outside with the Jaguars and was energized by the move. In addition, he provided the much-needed veteran leadership the team craved. It took only a few weeks in OTAs before coaches and players (offensive guys included) were raving about that. Don’t overlook that as one of the reasons the Jaguars are in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. — Mike DiRocco

In a defensive locker room full of overachieving starters, Byard separated himself as a star in the making with 10 total turnovers (eight interceptions and two forced fumbles). Byard finished the season as the NFL’s co-leader in interceptions, and his playmaking ability came in bunches. What impressed his teammates and coaches even more was his evolution as a complete safety and leader in his second pro season and first as a full-time starter. Byard was snubbed for the Pro Bowl, but he’ll make future ones, and soon the world will know his name. He’s the Titans’ MVP, with defensive lineman Jurrell Casey and linebacker Wesley Woodyard deserving honorable mentions. — Cameron Wolfe

Miller finished with 10 sacks — his fourth consecutive season with double-digit sacks and the sixth of his career — and while that was not what he or perhaps the Broncos expected, he earned every one of those against a wave of blockers consistently tipped his way. Denver didn’t move him around the formation as much as the team said it might in training camp, but in a troubled season on so many fronts, Miller consistently performed and might’ve had his best season against the run. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. also enjoyed a standout season. — Jeff Legwold

James’ teams have made seven straight Finals, Nick Saban’s Bama has had seven straight No. 1 recruiting classes, and both will surely rank within the preseason top two (or relative equivalent) next season.

Comparing James’ run to college football’s greatest modern dynasty also helps to shore up his legacy against any stray haters, not that that should be necessary. If not even the most stacked non-NFL team in all of football can win the crown every year, why should anyone demand James pull off the same, especially now that MVPs have joined forces against him?

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